Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clean Green

Don't waste your money on toxic cleaning products, when three simple ingredients can do it all. I clean my entire house with baking soda, distilled white vinegar and lemon. 

Vinegar, is effective at killing mold, bacteria and germs, making this the perfect all-purpose cleaner. Don't be turned off by the smell, it vanishes quickly and can even be masked by essential oils (or if your like me, you'll grow to like it).  

Baking Soda, eliminates odors, dissolves dirt and grease in water, and works as a mildly abrasive souring powder.

Lemon,  has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that make them a wonderful addition to your cleaning supplies. Perfect for removing stains, cutting grease, and who doesn't love the smell of fresh squeezed lemon!?

I've compiled a room by room list of all my Eco friendly cleaning tips, to share how you can save money, help the planet, and keep your home chemical free.

soap scum: baking soda and vinegar

toilet: baking soda and lemon, add vinegar if the toilet is super dirty.

bath tub: vinegar and baking soda

unclog drain:  pour a handful of baking soda mixed with 1/2 cup vinegar down the drain followed by some boiling water.

oven cleaner: create a scrub with; salt, baking soda and water. I find it works to warm up your oven before hand to loosen up anything that's really stuck on. 

garbage disposal: make vinegar ice cubes and run through the garbage disposal with cold water.

counter tops: vinegar and water (this should not be done with granite). 

coffee maker: fill reservoir with vinegar and run brew cycle, rinse with water.

microwave: boil solution of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in microwave, this will loosen splattered food and deodorize.

refrigerator: vinegar and water will deodorize, sanitize and clean up any messes.

cutting board: full strength vinegar will kill any bacteria. 

stainless steel: straight vinegar wiped with a soft cloth.

Plastic food-storage containers: To bleach stains on dishwasher-safe items, rub lemon juice on the spots and let dry in a sunny place, wash as usual.

Dishwasher: add vinegar to the rinse compartment for sparkling dishes.

Living Room:
window/glass cleaner: spritz with one part vinegar and one part water, wipe with soft cloth or newspaper. 

carpets: sprinkle with baking soda to deodorize and vacuum. 

hardwood floors: a mixture of warm water and a drop of dish soap will leave your wood floors shining.
water marks on wood: buff with water and olive oil.

Laundry Room:
Clothes will rinse better if one cup of vinegar is added to the last rinse water. The acid in vinegar is mild enough as to not harm fabrics, but strong enough to dissolve the alkalies found in soaps and detergents.


Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

I started cleaning this way about 8 years ago and have never gone back. I can't tell you when I last bought a commercial cleaner. I also use Mule Borax for some cleaning and in the laundry. Have used vinegar as my 'fabric softener' for 8 years too. I love these kind of posts :o)

alicia said...

I really need to make some changes. I've started, but am not all the way yet. Thanks for the tips and encouragement

Anonymous said...

Great post, I too use all of these things. I use to use the 'green' cleaners but most of them still have the "Call poison control if swallowed"! No thanks!

Natalie said...

This post is awesome! I was headed out to Target today to get Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner...looks like I don't have to!
Thanks for the tips :)

Sami said...

This post is amazing!! Thank you for your tips; I'm excited to try them out, especially in the bathroom.

liz said...

Vinegar really can't be beat! And then use the rest of the bottle for salad dressing!

aimymichelle said...

this is amazing thanks for posting it!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

These are great tips and they're all do-able, nothing over the top! Great post!
Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said...

Such great tips! I've been thinking about buying some green products, but now I don't have to. Thanks!

Laina said...

wow, thanks for the tips!

jayayceeblog said...

Really great tips ... thanks for sharing!

katherine mary said...

Thanks for posting this. i've been looking for a list like this! :)

Tracy said...

I love the baking soda and vinegar to clean....it works so well. I have never tried using lemon, I will have to! Thanks for the great info!!

The Mayor! said...

Vinegar is awesome, I use it for the cat pee too, it even cuts THAT smell!! I also choose the "green" products, given all the kids & pets in my house! Great info chickie!!


ericka @ alabaster cow said...

hi from the LBS barbecue! i brought the grilled tofu. :) following you now and just bookmarked this post. i've been using eco-friendly products for awhile now but i want to make my own!

GlowinGirl said...

I love the power of vinegar! And amazingly, it really doesn't smell bad at all when it's all said and done. Thanks for more tips on how to use it. I like the idea of not using harsh chemicals.

Ashley O. said...

Thanks for all the great tips, I will have to try them out!!

I also have a blog award for you!! :)

Rebecca said...

I LOVE vinegar. I'm another vinegar cleaning mama. Found you via frog community. Am following :-)

Gina said...

Wow - great tips!

Found you through Blog Flow - I'm your newest follower!


Tree said...

Oh yeah...my MIL swears by vinegar for everything. I've even used it for body cleansing (apple cider vinegar). It's supposed to have great health purposes too.

Lindsay said...

Love this post! I started cleaning with baking soda and vinegar when pregnant. I love the environmental and health benefits, but was also amazed by how much more effective it can be than the harsh commercial cleansers!

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