Saturday, May 1, 2010

Honest Scrap

I'm honored and delighted to receive the Honest Scrap award from jayaycee The objective of this award is to share ten honest facts about myself and then pass it on to five other deserving bloggers.  So without further ado... 

  1. I love trashy reality TV. I have yet to miss an episode of "The Real Housewives" and I'm talking OC, New York, New Jersey and Atlanta!! 
  2. My Hubby and I eloped in Lake Tahoe, just the two of us. It was spontaneous, wild and the best leap I ever made.
  3. I sing in the shower, and by sing I mean I belt it out.
  4. I'm petrified of messing up my Daughter, passing down all of my insecurities. I try everyday to love myself and see myself, the way I want her to see herself. I refuse to send her out into the world with anything less.
  5. I LOVE peonies, big gigantic fluffy pink peonies
  6. I hope to adopt  a little girl from China in 5-10 years.
  7. I Don't consider it gossiping if I'm talking to my Sister.
  8. I'm a sucker for astrology. I match the description of Virgo to a tee! If my horoscope tells me to do something, nine times out of ten I'll do it!
  9. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is my favorite dessert, hands down!
  10. My Daughter is named after my Grandma, the most amazing, strong, witty woman I've ever met.

Next, I would like to award the Honest Scrap to five wonderful bloggers, I look forward to reading your 10. Thank you again to jayaycee for the lovely award!! 


    *Crystal* said...

    Congrats! My hubby and I eloped as well. It made things more special for us, I wouldn't change it for the world! I love reading my horoscope as well and I must admit I'm a Tarus all the way. :)

    jayayceeblog said...

    After reading your 10, I realized I needed more than 10 to get everything out. :-D

    I, too, love reality TV; sing at the top of my lungs in the shower (sometimes the dogs just sit on the rug and stare through the glass at me - in horror???; have messed up two grown daughters and am now working on messing up my teenage granddaughter; and also firmly believe it is not gossiping if you're talking to your sister!!!

    bbcd mama said...

    Congratulations! And I agree with you on the gossip thing. For certain people, it just doesn't count. :)

    Natalie said...

    Congrats!! And thanks onelovemama!! That's my blog up there! #4...let me just say, I feel the EXACT SAME WAY!! I am terrified I'm going to screw the kids up somehow. And of course it's not gossip if you are talking to sisters or your very best friend (who may just happen to be one and the same person!). Have a good weekend!

    Ember said...

    LOVE me some Housewives too!! Congrats!!!

    Mom vs. the boys said...

    wow you eloped? so cool!

    beingzaraandzidan said...

    Congrats!! Loved reading it. & btw, Me & my hubby eloped as well. Reading that all the old memories came right in front on my eyes. Thanx for sharing.

    Shannon said...

    Yay, congrats! Love reality tv...just watched an entire season recap of Housewives of NYC. So entertaining!

    Rachel said...

    I gave you a blog award...check it out!

    Lucy said...

    OK this is funny because I just came by to tell you that I just gave YOU this award!

    I have to say, sometimes I wish I had eloped too. Sounds lovely and very romantic.

    I commend you for #4. Your daughter is a lucky girl.

    I love astrology as well. My moon sign is a Virgo, my mom is a virgo, and so is my husband! I think you and I would get along well :)

    ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~ said...

    #4 ... I'm totally there with you. I could write a book (or at least a blog post) about this.


    beingzaraandzidan said...

    Hey! I just thought I would let you know that I linked to your blog in a blog award post. I love your blog and wanted to spread the word! U deserve it!

    Brianne said...


    Thanks for stopping by, I am your newest follower!!

    The Mayor! said...

    YAY YOU!!! Congrats chickie!! Love your list, though at first I read "ponies", & thought well who the hell DOESN'T love ponies??? Course, I never claimed to be playing with a full deck....I totally earned Mayor of Crazy Town!! :-D

    Crystal Escobar said...

    oh, I love these get to know you random facts. I just did a vlog over the weekend of my 10 random facts about myself.
    I love trashy reality tv too, haha. It's sooo entertaining!
    mmmm, red velvet cake, my FAVORITE!!!
    oh, and I loved #7, haha, thats funny.

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